Our Work


Power Hour the Movie 2021

Power Hour the Movie 2021

Our Action Designer Geoffrey was on fire during Power Hour! Figuratively and literally. Together with Anne on the BMX as Evel Knievel, Kenji as Batman landing from the sky on top of a orchestra member, Tristan as a flute juggling Charlie Chaplin and Silvan & Laurent as Power Rangers we’ve had a blast. Big thanks to Actionpact & IAS for lighting Geoffrey on fire (and more important putting him out) and handling our flying Batman.


When The Qreator calls, you answer! Our friends at Q-dance created an epic audiovisual hardstyle journey called QLIMAX: THE SOURCE with seven priests and six realms. Our freerunners were summoned and due to it’s succes, it’s now out on Netflix! Congrats Q-dance!

Inhumans: Geoffrey, Vincent & Laurent
Directors: Daan Jansen & Stijn Verlinde

JBL TWS Social Media Campaign EU

The new social media campaign by Go Spooky and production house Oxford House Amsterdam for JBL True Wireless is live! Using Face swap technology they’ve made an interactive campaign with the help of our athletes. Freerunner Lotte, Freestyle Soccer player Hugo and Breakdancer Arnold were put to the test with tricky camera angles, flipping and giving face at the same time.So swap your face with one of our Inhumans and become one!

Director: Milan van Gestel. Here’s an article about the whole campaign: FONKONLINE (dutch)


New work for The Netherlands Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport, Production house Grygboit & Roorda Reclamebureau! The new campaign Dranquilo  encourages people to resist peer pressure of alcohol consumption. We’re proud of Erwin taking on the role of a Dutch flipping farmer! Big thanks to Director Kevin Boitelle, Producer Allen Grygierczyk and our Inhuman Erwin!


Gerald Joling feat. Poke – We Gaan Raket Nu

We gaan raket nu, sneller dan het licht nu! The 2020 summer anthem is here! We had the honor to create a choreography and perform with our dancers and trickers for the official music video of the new track “We Gaan Raket Nu by Gerald Joling feat. Poke. Video created by Kraftstoff and Sunrise Productions!

The Netherlands Ministry of Defense

DMO of The Netherlands Ministry of Defense would like to show their history and new organization strategy at their company party (1500+ guests). So when they asked us if we had ninja’s and samurai around we said yes! Together with the breakdancers from Haags Hiphop Centrum & our Modern Dancers we made a custom made show. From the budget cuts starting in the 80’s to the innovative troops in 2020.

Tommy Hilfiger & Calvin Klein

Tommy Hilfiger & Calvin Klein

We love to defy gravity and push the boundaries of human anatomy by roller skating, doing flips, tricks, whaacking and pop & locking! Together with our beloved Creative Agency Popcorn Brain BV we made two stunning video’s for both their B2B Brand Values video and Christmas Gift Reveal video.

Vunzige Deuntjes Festival 2019

Every year our friends at Vunzige Deuntjes Festival invite us to arrange the best flashmob you’ve ever seen! With flips, tricks and sexy dance moves, our Flipsquad levels up their already amazing festival!

W&W & Blasterjaxx – official music video

For the amazing Music video of W&W Blasterjaxx by Kraftstoff & Ubercut, our Action Director Geoffrey Thompson choreographed the combat scene’s while our athletes were screen fighting and being thrown off the stairs! 

Tempo Team

It all started with a controversial pitch fase.

21 agencies all went for Tempo Team’s agency blind date concept. Like survival of the fittest, in this case it was Roorda. So as an exclamation point to this already very mediatic process, our brothers and sisters at Popcorn Brain created two high-energy films with our Inhumans Geoffrey, Camille & Parish. So after 8 years of being off TV, Tempo Team is back with a vengeance!

Defqon.1 by Q-Dance

In 2018 we had the pleasure to send our World Champion Ultra Pole, Handbalancers & Trickers to the biggest Hardstyle Festival in the world. In 2019 we send our best All Round performers to Breakdance, Trick and Stage fight! And for 2020… well, you’ll have to see it to believe it!


Age is just a number right? We love all our Inhumans, especially the little ones! So when we got a request by Creative Agency Artcore for a small BMX Inhuman, we jumped right on it!

Walvis & Mosmans

Walvis & Mosmans

Walvis & Mosmans have brought popular culture and the classic Bolero together in their development for a concept, content and a campaign for the Residentie Orkest: Rise to the Rhythm!  The result: A completely sold out event! Advertisement model: Laurent and at the event our Pop & Locking dancer Sam took to the dance floor!