Our Work


Mula B – Blokke Gepikt (Music Video)

The making of this music video was fire! No, really—our inhuman Laurent was literally set on fire under the expert supervision of our colleagues at Actionpact, all in the name of crafting a stunning cinematic masterpiece for Mula B’s music video. This daring feat was executed for Unisex Management, produced by Artillerie, and directed by Folkert Verdoorn.

Sennheiser Momentum 3 True Wireless

For the collaboration with Popcorn Brain and Ogilvy on the project Sennheiser Momentum 3 True Wireless, we handled the casting for motion capture and movement artists Pierre and Cheroney. This project highlighted their exceptional talent, bringing dynamic and realistic movements to life. Our meticulous selection process ensured that the production featured top-tier performance art, aligning perfectly with the creative vision of both agencies.

Director: James F. Coton

JBL TWS Social Media Campaign EU

The new social media campaign by Go Spooky and production house Oxford House Amsterdam for JBL True Wireless is live! Using Face swap technology they’ve made an interactive campaign with the help of our athletes. Freerunner Lotte, Freestyle Soccer player Hugo and Breakdancer Arnold were put to the test with tricky camera angles, flipping and giving face at the same time.So swap your face with one of our Inhumans and become one!

Director: Milan van Gestel. Here’s an article about the whole campaign: FONKONLINE (dutch)

G-star RAW Jumpsuits social media campagn

Belle, a true wirework fairy, demonstrates the enchanting appeal of denim jumpsuits for the G-Star RAW social media campaign. Her magical performance brought a captivating and ethereal quality to the project, highlighting the versatility and style of G-Star RAW’s collection. This campaign was executed for G-Star RAW, with casting by The Fashion Composers Agency and production by The Family Amsterdam.

Rituals Pass The Gift (BTS)

For Ritual Cosmetics’ “Pass the Gift” campaign, we cast the talented movement director Isabelle Nelson and ensured top-notch stunt rigging and safety measures for their commercial produced by Popcorn Brain/Dead Pixel. Our expertise guaranteed seamless choreography and secure execution of intricate stunts. This collaboration resulted in a visually captivating and flawlessly executed campaign that emphasized the spirit of giving.

Director: Daniel Bruce

Veloretti x Scotch & Soda social media campaign

Veloretti x Scotch & Soda social media campaign

For the Veloretti x Scotch & Soda social media campaign, Arjan and Pim showcased their impressive BMX skills. Their dynamic performances brought energy and flair to the collaboration, captivating the online audience. The campaign successfully highlighted the synergy between the brands and the athletic prowess of the BMX riders.

Hema “Pechvogel” campaign

Our stunt performers excel in more than just high-energy action sequences. Sometimes, a gentler touch is required! Here is Milan showcasing his skills as a body actor for HEMA’s ‘Pechvogel,’ produced by Wenneker Amsterdam and directed by Kevin Boitelle.

Sennheiser M4 Daydream

For Sennheiser’s “M4 Daydream” campaign, directed by Ruben van Leer, we provided comprehensive stunt rigging and safety solutions together with Actionpact. Collaborating with production teams Popcorn Brain and Dead Pixel, and under the creative guidance of Ogilvy, we ensured the commercial’s stunts were performed with precision and safety. This partnership resulted in a stunning and secure execution, enhancing the campaign’s dreamlike quality.


For the production of “Driven,” we showcased the extraordinary talents of contortionists Belle and Jeroen. This project, produced by Studio Beng Beng and creatively led by Bureau Loos, highlighted their exceptional flexibility and performance skills. Their captivating acts added a unique and mesmerizing element to the overall production, leaving a lasting impression.


New work for The Netherlands Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport, Production house Grygboit & Roorda Reclamebureau! The new campaign Dranquilo  encourages people to resist peer pressure of alcohol consumption. We’re proud of Erwin taking on the role of a Dutch flipping farmer! Big thanks to Director Kevin Boitelle, Producer Allen Grygierczyk and our Inhuman Erwin!


Airborne for Valara

Airborne for Valara

Action-packed fight choreography is a key feature of our upcoming sci-fi film compilation. Set for future release, this thrilling compilation promises intense and meticulously crafted combat scenes. Co-produced by Amsterdam’s Popcorn Brain and Canadian Production House Electric Panda, and directed by Tim Smit and Angelo White, it is poised to captivate audiences with its high-energy action, beautiful VFX and futuristic vision.


The performance of Inhumans Tom and Des blends contemporary dance with breakdance and seamlessly integrates elements of drama and street culture, offering a fresh and engaging experience for audiences.

Desperados X Amsterdam Open Air Brand Activation

For the 2023 Amsterdam Open Air Festival (AOA) we orchestrated a dynamic brand activation for Desperados. Our diverse troupe of performers, including breakdancers, tumblers, trickers, and freerunners, delivered electrifying entertainment both on and off the stage. Their high-energy performances captivated festival-goers and amplified the vibrant spirit of the event.

Philips Tsangpo

For Philip Tsangpo, we featured the impressive tricking skills of Laurent Arrabito. Under the direction of Daniel Gallenkamp and produced by Lukkien, Laurent’s dynamic performance brought an exciting and energetic dimension to the project.

Bassgod (ft. Ramengrl) – Yellow Claw Barong Rangers

It’s Morphin’ time! In a daring tale, five Barong Rangers transformed into Mecha Barong to save the metropolis from a fearsome monster, showcasing their impeccable fighting skills and flawless action choreography. This thrilling adventure was brought to life for the Barong Family, directed by Kevin Boitelle and produced by Allen Grygierczyk. Featuring Kelian as the monster and Laurent as Mecha Barong, with Soraya, Nii Ardey, Silvan, and Laurent as the heroic Barong Rangers.

Gunz for hire x GLDY LX – Baddest on the Block (Music video)

Watch our Inhumans Francesco, Erwin, Kevin, and Laurent battle it out on a music video shoot. No one was harmed in the making of the video (except for some pallets). Produced by Protails, directed by Ömer Kurban for Gunz for Hire. 



The Invaders’ ‘Readification’ campaign for Leescoalitie and NBD Biblion ingeniously fused literature and gaming to engage young readers, featuring stories by renowned Dutch authors within the virtual worlds of popular games, launched through the Ubisoft Special app during Boekenweek van Jongeren. With collaborations including cosplay influencer Sakuraflor and stunt doubles Laurent and Kevin performing as Basim and Rayhan from Assassin’s Creed Mirage, the campaign achieved 270,000 downloads, extensive national media coverage, and multiple prestigious awards, proving that reading can be as thrilling as gaming.

Mysteryland Festival 2022 – Benidorm Bastards

Mysteryland Festival 2022 – Benidorm Bastards

Our Benidorm Bastards brought an extra dose of excitement to Mysteryland Festival 2022. Their unique and spirited performances spiced up the event, adding a memorable twist to the festival experience. With their lively antics, the Benidorm Bastards made Mysteryland 2022 an unforgettable celebration.


We brought the thrilling world of Apex Legends from EA Games / Respawn Entertainment to life for the official Doppelgänger Collection Event of Halloween Season 18. This project combined our stunt performance and the charisma of cosplay/e-sports influencer Har_Fie as Mirage into a cinematic short. Our goal was to seamlessly blend the excitement of the game with real-life action.

Time to get Bamboozled!

Hans Anders

For Hans Anders’ latest campaign, directed by Kevin Boitelle, we brought to life the epic tale of a young ninja named Laurent. Trained relentlessly, Laurent’s unmatched skills faced their ultimate challenge against a mysterious pair of Hans Anders glasses. The climactic battle that followed was nothing short of legendary. This captivating short story, produced by Allen Grygierczyk and created by the ad agency N=5, highlights the extraordinary quality and allure of Hans Anders products.

Defqon.1 Power Hour 2023

For our fifth unforgettable performance for Power Hour at Defqon.1, we provided Europe’s best trampoline athletes and fearless freerunners, supported by BERG trampolines, ensuring a spectacular and exhilarating show. Q-dance’s Defqon.1 Weekend Festival won a silver award at the SponsorRingen Awards for the Defqon.1 POWER HOUR, recognizing the unique annual performance with 65,000 visitors. With nearly 10 million social media views, POWER HOUR is celebrated worldwide.

W&W & Blasterjaxx – official music video

For the amazing Music video of W&W Blasterjaxx by Kraftstoff & Ubercut, we choreographed the combat scene’s while our athletes were screen fighting and being thrown off the stairs! 

Mysteryland 2021 Line-Up video

For Mysteryland’s Line Up Video 2021, we cast an array of dancers and trickers for the lineup video, showcasing a spectrum of dynamic dance styles. Our performers brought energy and excitement, creating a visually stunning experience that perfectly captured the festival’s vibrant spirit. This collaboration highlighted the diverse talents of our cast, making the lineup announcement truly unforgettable. ​

Walvis & Mosmans

Walvis & Mosmans

Walvis & Mosmans have brought popular culture and the classic Bolero together in their development for a concept, content and a campaign for the Residentie Orkest: Rise to the Rhythm!  The result: A completely sold out event! Advertisement model: Laurent and at the event our Pop & Locking dancer Sam took to the dance floor!