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  • 462821
  • Shosei 
  • Asian 
  • Male 
  • brown 
  • black 
  • no 
  • no 
  • 1.59 
  • 41/41,5 
  • medium 
  • Japan 
  • tricking, power tumbling, acrobatics


More about Shosei

Shosei is without a doubt one of the best trickers in the world at the moment. He has invented a couple of new tricks and is also the first person ever to win the one-on-one battles of Hooked Gathering, the largest tricking in the world two years in a row. Furthermore he has won countless other competitions as well and is an absolute force to be reckoned with!

Winner of Hooked 2018 (The Netherlands)
Winner of Hooked 2019 (The Netherlands)
Winner of World of Tricking 2019 (Japan)



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