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Can’t find what you’re looking for? We’ll create it for you!


With our full service VFX partner Dead Pixel, we create shows using various technological aspects i.e. 360 videos, augmented reality, virtual reality, motion capture, holograms, you name it!


We offer additional services such as pyro, UV & LED enhancements, music production and costume design. The sky is not the limit, there’s more. You want bad-ass performers levitating and flying through space? Let us pull some strings and make magic happen with rigging, harness & wire-fu!


The highly trained professional athletes of PWH will produce an action packed live show filled with comedy, drama, action and spectaculair stunts!

PWH is the number one Pro Wrestling promotion in The Netherlands. The PWH superstars are highly trained professional athletes that wrestle all over the globe. The PWH Academy is a well respected wrestling school and has students from all over the country, and even from Germany and Belgium.

Over the last couple of years PWH has gained popularity in the Netherlands and entertained massive crowds on big festivals including Lowlands 2019. They where featured on many prime tv shows and even got their own movie by the end of 2019 named “Ring Of Dreams”


LegendTrick provides high quality shows involving tricking (mix of martial arts, gymnastics and dance), elegant pair acrobatics spiced up with juggling and fire-arts.

These artists are world renown masters in their own field. They perform at big and small corporate events, festivals, TV-shows, private events and theaters.


Our Flipsquad will kick your party off from the start! With their somersaults, tricks and silly dancing, they will make your audience comfortable from the first minute.

Flashmob or full on costume style, with their never ending enthusiasm they will turn everyone into instant party mode!

Samurai Showdown

Once upon a time there were the Samurai of early-modern Japan. However, inbetween battles and wars, even Samurai will get bored!

With humor and breathtaking acrobatics, our Samurai will entertain you and your guests with their acrobatics and stunt fights!

BMX Solo & Mega Ramp

Our BMX guys are pro’s at entertaining your guests. They’ll even jump over them! With their Mega Ramp, they can jump over cars, DJ booths, you name it!

And if you don’t have the space for crazy Mega Ramps, they also do a mean BMX flat show without any accessories!

BMX Solo & Mega Ramp


Aerobic Funk is a colorful group of party starters that’ll bring an irresistible funky party to your event in 80’s sports outfits! Attention ladies, gentlemen and event managers: Book these spandex wrapped brothers ‘n sisters and let your worries melt away like show in the sun!


Epic bad-assery in very tight spandex: Pauper Rangers, the lesser-known cousins of the famous Power Rangers (Pauper means poorly in Dutch)!

Don’t miss out on this unbelievable thigh-slapping slapstick comedy action show!